Sunday, August 4, 2013


♣ recording the vocals on the the soundtrack of a MUSICAL mini SUR-REALIty series "ALICE IN WONDERLAND REJECTS" starring Lauren Watts aka Zui, Sasha Gail & Corrine Poole, which is currently in preproduction. co-directed with BRYCE LEE.
♣Filming AIWR the animated series takes place late 2013, & will be released 2014.
♣ started/founded this group/genre/culture.etc called "AlICE IN WONDERLAND REJECT" aka "Whimseys", & here's why I did.
1) 1 to clump together all the genres that I like and identify it as a genre of it's own. I really couldn't find a genre out there that I could name as what I liked & I always end up having to list everything I like, & the list was too long.
2) to let others out there that has been rejected or bullied to have a place where they can be themselves and be accepted.
3)Let the curious geeks & freaks ask questions openly without condemnation or judgement.
This is a place where the ♦misunderstood/ misfits/rejects/ outcast/eccentric/indie artist/creative♦ they can be themselves and be accepted.
♦Alice In Wonderland Rejects is also a fashion/art line/brand/ name of my film.
The video sur-reality series AIWR is currently in preproduction, & will be shot late 2013, released early 2014 released via internet. Please be patient as all of the following sites are new/incomplete/in the make currently.